Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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1. The average working day consists ___ seven hours.
A of
B from
C in
D on

Answer: A, of
Explanation: we say consists of a common error is to say from.

2. He sincerely congratulated them ___ their success.
A for
B with
C on
D about

Answer: C, on
Explanation: we congratulate on something, for example birthdays,
weddings and successes.

3. I cut the pears ___ half and divided the grapes ___ six portions.
A ‘into’ and ‘into’
B ‘in’ and ‘into’
C ‘in’ and ‘in’
D ‘into’ and ‘in’

Answer: B, in and into
Explanation: we divide things in half but divide something into parts

4. He was quick ___ arithmetic but weak ___ languages.
A ‘in’ and ‘in’
B ‘at’ and ‘at’
C ‘in’ and ‘at’
D ‘at’ and ‘in’

Answer: D, at and in
Explanation: we say quick at something but weak in something

5. Many people campaign for the independence ___ Sardinia ___ Italy.
A ‘of ’ and ‘from’
B ‘from’ and ‘from’
C ‘of ’ and ‘of ’
D ‘from’ and ‘of ’

Answer: A, of and from
Explanation: we correctly say independent of and independence from

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