Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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1. A is B’s sister. C is B’s mother. D is C’s father. E is D’s mother. Then, how is A related to D?

A) Grandfather B) Grandmother
C) Daughter D) Granddaughter

Answer: D) Granddaughter

A is the sister of B and B is the daughter of C.

So, A is the daughter of C. Also, D is the father of C.

So, A is the granddaughter of D.

2. A girl introduced a boy as the son of’ the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is girl’s

A) Brother B) Son
C) Uncle D) Son-in-law
Answer: A) Brother

Daughter of uncle’s father — Uncle’s sister — Mother;

Mother’s son — Brother

3. Pointing to a person, a man said to a woman, “His mother is the only daughter of your father.” How was the woman related to the person ?

A) Aunt B) Mother
C) Wife D) Daughter
Answer: A) Aunt

Daughter of your father — Your sister. So, the person’s mother is woman’s sister or the woman is person’s aunt.

4. P is the brother of Q and R. S is R’s mother. T is P’s father. Which of the following statements cannot be definitely true ?

A) T is Q’s father B) S is P’s mother
C) P is S’s son D) Q is T’s son
Answer: D) Q is T’s son

P, Q, R are children of same parents. So. S who is R’s mother and T, who is R’s father will be mother and father of all three.

However, it is not mentioned whether Q is male or female So, D cannot be definitely true.

5. A woman introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the man, related to the woman ?

A) Nephew B) Son
C) Cousin D) Uncle to Grandson
Answer: C) Cousin

Brother of mother — Uncle: Uncle’s son — Cousin

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