Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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11. Until very recently there ___ an effective treatment for this serious
A may not be
B used not to be
C there ought to be
D could not be

Answer: B, used not to be
Explanation: only B makes sense given the opening clause of the
sentence that implies that a cure has recently been found.

12. You ___ and cooked so much lovely food but it was lovely.
A didn’t need to go
B needed to go
C needn’t have gone
D needn’t have go

Answer: C, needn’t have gone
Explanation: it is clear from the sentence that the person had gone to
the trouble of cooking and so we say needn’t have gone. You didn’t
need to go is incorrect because it fails to acknowledge that the person
did cook the food, and it doesn’t tie in with the past tense ‘cooked’

13. They were beside themselves with anger ___ the news.
A at
B with
C for
D of

Answer: A, at
Explanation: we say we are angry with a person but at an event or

14. The price of crude oil is the highest ___ December 07, when a barrel
passed the $100 mark.
A except
B but for
C but
D aside from

Answer: D, aside from
Explanation: ‘aside from,’ ‘except,’ ‘but for’ and ‘but’ are all used to
introduce an exception – in this case a time when crude was more
expensive, but only aside from is correct given the structure of the

15. The boy agreed to care ___ the dog and walk it every day.
A about
B for
C with
D at

Answer: B, for
Explanation: the verb to care is usually followed by the preposition
about or for but in this instance only care for makes good sense.

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