Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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6. In the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 those few buildings ___ the
earthquake ___ by the fire that followed.
A that survived and were destroyed
B that was destroyed in and was destroyed
C destroyed by and survived
D that survived and was destroyed

Answer: A, that survived and were destroyed
Explanation: the correct form is that survived and were destroyed;
answers B and C are impossible as well as incorrect in their construction.

7. I want the job so ___ but they have told me I ___ stop smoking
otherwise I can’t have it.
A many and have to
B many and really must
C much and have got to
D much and am going to

Answer: C, much and have got to
Explanation: ‘really must’ and ‘am going to’ imply in this context that
‘I want to’, while ‘have got to’ suggests an obligation. ‘Have got to’ is
preferred when future arrangements are obligatory

8. The ___ doctor only treats ___.
A women and woman
B woman and women
C women and women
D woman and woman

Answer: B, woman and women
Explanation: the woman (singular female) doctor only treats women

9. They went ___ work by car and arrived ___ time.
A in and on
B to and on
C on and in
D at and at

Answer: B, to and on
Explanation: ‘to’ implies movement; ‘at,’ ‘on’ and ‘in’ imply position.

10. I ___ a new friend at the library today.
A make
B meet
C met
D made

Answer: D, made
Explanation: because it is stated that the friend is new it is better to
choose D ‘I made a new friend

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