Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force – Verbal usage

Each question consists of a sentence with words missing, then four combinations of words labelled A–D. You are required to identify the combination that is correct in terms of English usage.

1. I’ve ___ for the train for some time but it seems __ a few minutes ago.
A wait and its leaving
B waited and it leave
C wait and it’s left
D been waiting and it left

Answer: D, been waiting and it left
Explanation: the sentence makes sense with either the past simple
‘waited’ or past continuous ‘been waiting’, but only the past simple,
left, is correct (remember it’s is the abbreviation of it is)

2. I ___ had time to speak to him yet but I certainly will ___.
A haven’t and tomorrow
B didn’t and later today
C hadn’t and tomorrow
D did not and later today

Answer: A, haven’t and tomorrow
Explanation: suggested answer A is the only option that offers a
credible match between events and intentions.

3. I read that a Peter Brown has just got the job of ___ engineer; do you
think it is ___ Peter Brown we knew at university?
A a and a
B the and [no word needed]
C an and an
D [no word needed] and the

Answer: D, [no word needed] and the
Explanation: when we want to specify which person, job title or place
we are referring to we use the article ‘the’. We use the article ‘a’ to
indicate that we do not know the person or thing; we do not use an
article if we know the person or thing.

4. It was ___ outside but Joe still wanted an ___.
A ice cold and ice cream
B ice cold and ice-cream
C ice-cold and ice-cream
D ice-cold and icecream

Answer: C, ice-cold and ice-cream
Explanation: ice-cold and ice-cream are both hyphenated.

5. It’s not very likely but we ___ go to Egypt next year; however, we ___
go until after Christmas.
A may and shall
B might and shan’t
C may and shan’t
D might and shall

Answer: B, might and shan’t
Explanation: might implies something is less likely to happen than
may; we use shan’t to describe a negative situation.

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