Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force – Verbal reasoning

This style of question requires you to identify a word or phrase that means the same or the opposite or is closest in meaning.

1. Head-on ?
1 Hurried
2 Head off
3 Head for
4 Headlong

Answer: 4
Explanation: headlong and hurried are the closest in meaning from
the list of options (none is the opposite of hurried).

2. Prevention ?
1 Cure
2 Avoidance
3 Evasion
4 Safety

Answer: 2
Explanation: to prevent something is to avoid it happening; prevention
and avoidance are synonyms

3. Decisive ?
1 Deceptive
2 Tortuous
3 Truthful
4 Decision

Answer: 3
Explanation: decisive and deceptive are neither synonyms nor
antonyms, but deceptive and truthful are antonyms so the answer is 3.

4. Investigate ?
1 Detective
2 Ignorant
3 Ignore
4 Inquest

Answer: 3
Explanation: investigate and ignore are opposites.

5. Salute ?
1 Acknowledge
2 Plaudit
3 Obey
4 Slight

Answer: 1
Explanation: closest in meaning.

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