Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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11. Pages Book
? Cloth
A Yarns
B Cloths
C Fibres
D Yard

Answer: A
Explanation: a book is made of pages and a cloth is made of yarns
(both pages and yarns are made of fibres).

12. ? Key
Violin Bow
A Ship
B Arrow
C Musical note
D Lock

Answer: D
Explanation: in order to be played a violin needs a bow and to operate
a lock a key is needed.

13. Barley Cereal
Parliament ?
A Election
B Democracy
C Assembly
D Government

Answer: C
Explanation: barley is a type of cereal and Parliament is a type of

14. Photosynthesis Sunlight
? Concert
A Hall
B Symphony
C Orchestra
D Performance

Explanation: photosynthesis requires sunlight and a concert requires
an orchestra.

15. Acid Alkali
Lax ?
A Slack
B Blame
C Strict
D Casual

Answer: C
Explanation: acid and alkali are opposites and strict is the opposite of lax.

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