Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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6. ? Engineer
Swan Bird
A Mechanical
B Scientist
C Project
D Professional

Answer: A
Explanation: a swan is a type of bird and a mechanical engineer is one
of the specialists in that profession.

7. ? Mushy
Polish Waxy
A Feeble
B Soup
C Baby food
D Sentimental

Answer: C
Explanation: polish can be described as waxy and baby food as mushy.

8. Height Weight
Joyous ?
A Beautiful
B Attractive
C Sombre
D Occasion

Answer: C
Explanation: height and weight are two forms of measurement and
joyous and sombre are two forms of sentiment.

9. Inflate ?
Guess Estimate
A Magnify
B Deflate
C Solve
D Expand

Answer: D
Explanation: to guess is to estimate something and to inflate something is to expand it.

10. Sensible Stupid
Opaque ?
A Cloudy
B Transparent
C Obscure
D Dumb

Answer: B
Explanation: stupid is the opposite of sensible and transparent is the
opposite of opaque.

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