Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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1. Boat Sails
Car ?
A Engine
B Tyres
C Journeys
D Motorbikes

Answer: A
Explanation: a boat can be powered by sails and a car by its engine.

2. Fire Smoke
Words ?
A Letters
B Sentences
C Voices
D Dictionary

Answer: B
Explanation: one of the products of fire is smoke and words can be
used to produce sentences.

3. Telephone ?
River Sea
A Receiver
B Ring tone
C Conversation
D Exchange

Answer: D
Explanation: a river runs to the sea and a telephone connects to an

4. Surface ?
Fuzzy Smooth
A Veneer
B Interior
C Appearance
D Horizontal

Answer: B
Explanation: smooth is the opposite to fuzzy and interior is the
opposite to surface.

Jailed Fraud
Expelled ?
A School
B Smoking
C Kick off
D Child

Answer: B
Explanation: you can be jailed for the crime of fraud and expelled from
school for smoking.

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