Verbal Test Preparation for Army, Navy, Air Force |Test-1|

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6. They worked opposite ___ the railway station.
A from
B to
C of
D for

Answer: B, to
Explanation: we say opposite to, or in another context opposite of, but
not opposite from or for

7. He will pass ___ his old school on his way to play ___ his new football
A ‘from’ and ‘with’
B ‘by’ and ‘with’
C ‘from’ and ‘for’
D ‘by’ and ‘for’

Answer: D, by and for
Explanation: we say that we pass by something and play for a team.

8. She sat ___ the table while he chose to sit ___ a chair by the window.
A ‘on’ and ‘on’
B ‘on’ and ‘in’
C ‘at’ and ‘on’
D ‘at’ and ‘at’

Answer: C, at and on
Explanation: we sit at a table but on a chair. It is possible to sit on a
table but to say she sat on the table is an unlikely scenario and we can
infer it is not the intended answer to the question.

9. 70 per cent of the planet is covered ____ ocean.
A by
B from
C of
D with

Answer: D, with
Explanation: we say covered with or in, but not by

10. Two centuries ago the rich travelled ___ horse-back and the poor ___
A ‘on’ and ‘on’
B ‘on’ and ‘by’
C ‘with’ and ‘on’
D ‘with’ and ‘with’

Answer: A, on and on
Explanation: we say on horse-back and on foot, but by land and sea,
by train or plane.

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