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Complete the Series


Ans : (e) Small unshaded ball alternately goes down and up in the left-hand side. The black dots decrease and the dashes (—) increase by one each time while moving up and down. Also the pointer becomes arrowed and curved alternately. Next figure should have no black dot, it should have 5 small dashes (—) and a small unshaded ball above the pointer to complete the series


Ans: (d) Intersecting arrow changes direction and the small ball moves anti-clockwise. The plus sign (+) moves, turn by turn, to the left hand-side (bottom) and the right hand-side (upper) corner


Ans: (e) Intersecting lines change direction alternately. The line having a ball-head turns up and down alternately while its tail is constantly in upward direction. Also, the black dot is moving in clockwise direction.

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