New PhD Programmed 2018


With strong research links to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University, the SUTD PhD Programme offers you a chance to collaborate with the best minds in their fields and conduct breakthrough research that will make a difference to the world.

Our fluid, stimulating and open setting creates an environment which places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative research and provides opportunities for industry internships, overseas research attachments and teaching experience.

The SUTD PhD Programme also features:

  • Access to multiple world-class faculty with co-supervision flexibility
  • Leading-edge research experience through potential overseas research attachments at top universities worldwide
  • Close research collaboration and exposure to industry through local or overseas internships
    • PhD Industry Internships:  PhD students can embark on an Industry Internship Programme (of up to 6 months). This will expose them to have a hands-on experience with industry projects,  a broader research scope to supplement their PhD research, network with other research industries and attain course credits for their candidature
  • Participation in a multi-disciplinary design experience
    • PhD Big-D Project: A task-based, self-driven entrepreneurial programme that aims to transform ideas, inventions and scientific understandings into tangible products, systems and/or services
  • Professional development programme and teaching experience
  • Attractive scholarship funding

Curriculum Overview

for more To apply and all other details:…/PhD-Pr…/SUTD-PhD-Programme/Application

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